We are pleased to be one of the Approved Contractors for the Efficiency Alberta Energy Rebate Program for Insulation products. 


If your home was built before today's higher standards of energy efficiency were implemented, and you have low or moderate levels of insulation in your attic, basement walls, exteriors walls, etc, you likely qualify for a rebate.   These rebates subsidize the energy upgrade, saving you money on the installation, and allow you to save money in the long term, on annual energy costs.

With a few key pieces of information, we can give you a quote & rebate approximation. Rebates are based on the square footage of your attic space as well as the starting and ending R-values.  The greater the R-value improvement, the higher your rebate will be.  Homes with little or no insulation will often get a 60% to 100% rebate.  Even moderately insulated homes can receive rebates in the 10% to 60% range.  In total you can qualify for rebates up to a maximum of $3500 (no Rebates on GST)



You can access the Efficiency Alberta Insulation Upgrade

program website directly by going to:





Unlike previous upgrade programs, there is no need to pay for a pre & post audit of your home, to get your insulation upgrade.  This program has placed the onus on the contractor to provide documentation & proof of the pre-existing and post-installation R-values in your attic, walls, or basement. 

The rebates are calculated using a well known computer energy model that has a sliding scale of benefit based on the improvement in your energy efficiency.  For attic insulation, this translates into how much you improve your existing R-value.  For many older homes, the increases in efficiency & rebates received can be substantial.


   Some examples of the types of upgrades we can install that will qualify you for an energy rebate include: 

Attic Insulation - our most common upgrade. If you have a low or moderate existing insulation - Rebates Apply!


Below Grade Walls (Basement) - If you have a frost wall in your basement that was never insulated - Rebates Apply!

Above Grade Walls - if you have a pre-war home where NO insulation is in the walls- Rebates Apply!

Pony Walls - if you have an un-insulated pony wall in a living space - Rebates Apply!


  • Homes under construction, unoccupied homes, summer homes & cottages

  • Multi-residential buildings including high rises, apartments, and condominiums

  • Unheated spaces such as garages, sunrooms, outbuildings, covered porches, etc.

  • New construction homes or renovated new additions to existing buildings

  • Projects already in progress

  • Homes of dealers or distributors of any measure being installed

  • Homes where utility bills are in the name of a condo corporation


  • Must be the primary residence of the owner or a tenant with an Alberta address

  • All residences must have a separate gas and/or electricity meter

  • Detached homes

  • Semi detached homes

  • Side by side duplexes

  • Side by side row or towhnhouses

  • Mobile homes on a permanent foundation (w/ year round water and used as residence)


1. Get one or more estimates from approved program insulation contractor(s).  Along with their quote, there should be an estimate as to the amount of rebate you will qualify for.  For us, you can do this by calling calling 780-2976653 or emailing at admin@aires.ca. Please note that if you receive a phone or email quote, your pre-installed R-value and attic square footage may need to be adjusted on the rebate application, based on data collected during the installation.

2.  Select a contractor (hopefully us ;-) and make arrangements for them to do the work.  The contractor should look after all of the application process.  This will include filling out an rebate program authorization to allow the contractor to enter your details into the secure online database as part of the application.  The contractor will take various photos and record other documentation in order to make the application.

3.  Once the work is concluded, you pay the contractor directly (the rebate is not a direct part of the work arrangement) and they will file an application on your behalf, filling out all of the paperwork.  We usually file our applications on a daily basis, usually the business next day after your job is complete.

4.  A program representative will make contact shortly thereafter, to verify the details of the application with the homeowner (as listed on your application and the invoice) and move the application on to the next step.  They usually will make initial contact by email, so keep an eye out for the email.  If that fails, they will usually attempt several phone calls.  

5. Once your application navigates through the steps of the approval process, you should receive a cheque in 6 - 8 weeks, once it receives final approval.